Kensington SmartFit Mouse Pad

SmartFit® System
Allows you to select your personal height setting using the colour-coded fitting chart so you can work with your mouse for extended periods in optimal comfort

Height Adjustable Inserts
Stack the coloured inserts up to your comfort colour to help set you wrist at the correct angle while using your mouse in order to avoid injury and work in better comfort

Gel Wrist Pad
The cool, soft cushioning adapts to the natural curves of your wrists for premium comfort and support while you’re scrolling and clicking, taking pressure off your joints which is especially important during extended periods of usage

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    Non-Skid Base
    Keeps the wrist rest firmly in place, providing important stability so the mouse pad won’t slide around while you’re trying to be productive

    SmartFit System lets you measure, adjust and fit the mouse pad to find your ideal comfort colour setting
    Height adjustable inserts are set to your colour and help set your wrist at the correct angle for comfortable clicking and scrolling
    Gel wrist pad provides a cool, comfortable surface that conforms to your wrist and relieves pressure points
    Non-skid base provides stability and keeps the wrist rest firmly in place


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