Port Manhattan 13.3/14″ Backpack


Manhattan Backpack is part of our professional bag range. This very sturdy bag ensures optimal protection for your laptop. This modern and assertive style (reflected across our Manhattan range) was fully developed by our designers in our creative studio in Paris.

This backpack also has another significant feature: a waterproof cover to protect your belongings from rain or even moisture. Indeed, below the backpack there is a hidden zipped pocket containing this waterproof neon cover, a very practical colour since, as well as offering protection from rain, it allows you to be seen from afar by motorists when walking or even cycling.

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Manhattan Backpack has a padded interior compartment to provide optimal protection for your laptop. There is also a compartment for tablets up to 10.1”, as well as a double compartment with an organiser to store all your documents, a dedicated compartment for storing your accessories, and also a dedicated compartment for storing your laptop charger.

In addition, the entire backpack is fully padded, providing extra protection for all your belongings and your computer equipment. For optimal comfort, our designers have chosen a padded back, shoulder strap and handle, as well as a chest strap for improved support. The metal logo and zippers offer optimum quality and durability.

Product name: Manhattan Backpack 13/14”
Product outside size: 13/14”: 385 x 490 x 200mm

15.6/17.3”: 390 x 535 x 205mm

Laptop compartment: 13/14”: 255 x 340 x 30mm

15.6/17.3”: 280 x 420 x 40mm

Product weight: 13/14”: 1100 gr

15.6/17.3”: 1150 gr

Packaged size: 13/14”: 385 x 490 x 200mm

15.6/17.3”: 390 x 535 x 205mm

Packaged weight: 13/14”: 1120 gr

15.6/17.3”: 1170 gr

Material: Full 1680 D Nylon/ Dot Nylon
PCB: 13/14”: 5pc / carton

15.6/17.3”: 5pc / carton

Country of origin: China
Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty

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