Volkano Display Port to HDMI Converter Adaptor


Under mirror mode, you could view your laptop or desktop screen on an external display or projector. Play your favorite games or watch movies on TV easily. Under extend mode, you could connect a second display to your computer, giving you a larger desktop on which to work on. With extend mode using presentation software, you can also show your slides on a second display, while your primary display keeps your notes and previews your next slides.

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    • 4K UHD Video Output
    • Supports up to 7.1 Channel Audio
    • Compatible with Most Graphics Cards
    • 10 cm Flexi-Cable.
    • Easily convert your Mini DisplayPort to an HDMI port.
    • Ideal to connect to projectors, TVs, monitors, anything that has a HDMI port.
    • The perfect choice for your presentations, conferences, workshops, or even lectures where an HDMI port is absolutely essential.
    • Plug-and-play! You don’t need to install any drivers or software before you can use it.
    • You can use an external display as your main mirrored workspace, or extend your desktop to an additional screen.


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